how to use a gun cleaning kit

How To Use Your Gun Cleaning Kit

You merely purchased your gun this is certainly a brand new cleansing, so so what now? The matter that is very first likely to wish to accomplish if you’re new will be to watch a few YouTube videos and browse the instructions.

Each gun is a bit different when it comes to cleaning, so you want to read and re-read the owner’s handbook for the certain weapon.

We’ll discuss the basic principles of using a firearm that is a universal system if you have a rifle, handgun, or shotgun this is what you’ll would you like to make use of.

AR’s can be quite a little dissimilar to clean and usually need special resources such as for instance an AR device this is certainly cleansing.

Cleaning New Guns?


One time we bought an M4 that is new and clean it prior to taking it to the range. Wiped from the grease on the exterior and after about 50 rounds a brass ended up being had by myself over bolt failure…

Practically all new weapons come with a couple of grease and solvent this is certainly gluey all of them. This can be done to make sure they don’t rust while sitting from the shelf for months or many years.

This lubricant they put so you should take it off and clean your new weapon in addition to possible on it is not a shooting lubricant.

You need to do that before you go on it aside since you don’t know how it really works.

You ought to ALWAYS examine a firearm this is certainly new firing it, trying to find used components, broken or little bits of sawdust and exactly what not when you look at the firearm.

I got issued a fresh, out from the package M4 right before shooting the number and skipped cleaning, just wiped the crap off the outside. Had a metal over bolt failure on circular 76.

Wash your Hands or Wear Gloves


Make sure to clean your hand before performing any such thing. This can help alleviate problems with natural oils from getting on the internal and outer parts of your gun. Many people, including myself, use gloves whenever cleaning their weapons to prevent oil from taking into the Black that is skin. Disposable Nitrile

Then danger of getting some of those solvents to your skin won’t be good if you’re cleaning your guns for years. The disposable nitrile that is black tends to be the best as well as a favorite among many.

Unload your Gun


Make sure the ammo is out of getting to. There’s a possibility if it had been packed that one could accidentally discharge your weapon while cleansing it. There’s also the possibility this is certainly tiny you could take a package of ammo, therefore dual and triple-check this step.
This is the time to utilize it when you yourself have a firearm cleaning pad. I might recommend a thing that is using protect your surfaces from solvents and scratches.

Use a Bore Snake


To save time a bore may be used by your snake before making use of your cleansing rods. This may pull a number of the gunk and just takes about 10 moments. Using a bore serpent will very save you a little bit of time.

Disassemble your Gun


Read your manual and accordingly take apart everything. It is possible to often find this on their site or even better look for a YouTube video and follow along if you don’t have an owner’s handbook.

Then you’ll desire to secure it precisely when you have a gun cleaning vise. A firearm vise is amazing for keeping constantly your gun steady and works wonderfully for long guns.

Not really essential for handguns.

Cleaning Rods


Construct your cleaning rods and select the appropriate brush that is sized. You intend to start off through a cleansing this is certainly bronze and use your preferred weapon cleaning solvent.
Remember to PULL the brush through about 5-10 times. Make sure you pull only and don’t push.

Running the bore brush only in the path that is same round journeys will prolong the life span associated with the barrel.

Cleaning Patches


The target is to have the cleaning patches turn out white. You can use 10-20 cleaning patches until this happens and they’re cheap so don’t be concerned.

Then you need to perform your brushes throughout your firearm again if you grab your cleansing patches and they’re black colored.

Remove All Solvents


The target is to have the cleansing patches come out white. You can use 10-20 cleaning patches until this occurs and they’re cheap therefore don’t get worried.

You will need to execute your brushes through your firearm again if you grab your cleaning patches and they’re black-colored.



Hoppe’s makes a firearm this is certainly great that you should apply after you’re done cleansing. Just what this does is protect well from dust accumulating in your gun, that may drip to gunk buildup.

Clean the Exterior


You can use the wire this is certainly double-sided for this task. In other words, a little bit of CLP in the brush and scrape any places off that have to be cleansed.

You wish to be a little bit that is a bit of around the mechanics. Also, search for any small location that is corrosion. Often times corrosion will start out being a little little speck and it immediately it can quickly spread if you don’t area.

Wash your Hands Again


After washing both hands again, you really need to rub oil that is little them and this will eliminate any fingerprints which could have gotten on your own gun while cleansing it.

Assemble Your Gun


Now you’re just about finished. You want to make fully sure your hands are oiled up with your lubricant and put most of the pieces right back.

Is Cleaning Gun Difficult?


There’s nothing to now worry about because the gun cleaning process is very easier. Whatever you needed to do is to obtain the weapon cleansing system that is most beneficial for your dirty gun staying without being used along with doing it. Nevertheless, you can make the firearm cleansing process also simpler when you can implement some tricks.

First off, you might go through the handbook given by the gunmaker too to have information on cleaning the weapon. Here’s what you need to love! Then your weapon that will be currently dirty might turn out to be ineffective when you do a little blunder together with your newer gun cleansing system. So, you need to dive much deeper into this guide if you should be searching for the right way to use your weapon cleaning system without damaging your gun.

Nonetheless, you simply bought your gun cleaning kit without getting enough information regarding gun cleaning kits, you have to know some principles before getting started with the weapon cleaning guide if you don’t curently have a gun cleaning kit or.


This is actually the process to follow for MOST guns. Each firearm cleansing system has actually various elements but the majority of them possess a type that is the same as and rods.

It surely varies according to how many times you utilize it therefore the form of ammo you’re using if you’re unsure how often to wash your firearm.


1) What should I have in a gun cleaning kit?

5 Items You’ll Find in a Basic Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Solvent. Solvent is used as the first step to get copper, lead, powder fouling and ammunition residue out of gun barrels and from all other metal components involved in firing
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Cleaning Rod. …
  • Rod End Accessories. …
  • Patches

2) How long can a gun sit before cleaning?

  • You don’t need to clean in 5 minutes after you fire but generally within one week will be fine. Things you need to consider are the type of firearm, the age, and the type of ammo.

3) What solvent should I use to clean my gun?

  • a good quality bore (powder) solvent. a good quality copper solvent for stubborn fouling. a small glass jar filled with white spirits or Shellite. a tin of Kroil (USA) or Penetrene (Aus) lubricant.

4) Should a gun be unloaded before cleaning?

  • Before cleaning your gun, make absolutely sure that it is unloaded. The gun’s action should be open during the cleaning process. Also, be sure that no ammunition is present in the cleaning area.

5) Can you use WD40 on guns?

  • Since WD-40 is primarily a solvent it seems to make sense that it would be ideal for cleaning guns. However, cleaning your guns with WD40 is NOT advisable. … Using an aerosol solvent simply “shoots” all the gunk into tiny crevices in your firearm, making them even harder to clean and can lead to “gumming” up

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